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Head Gasket Replacement in Coon Rapids, MN


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Honda Head Gasket Service


Head to Rapids Honda in Coon Rapids for Head Gasket Replacement

The head gasket is a vital component of your engine, and a blown or leaky head gasket is bad news. If you’re dealing with this problem, don’t delay service, and don’t try to get to the dealership yourself. Instead, have your Honda towed to Rapids Honda, not far from Anoka or Brooklyn Park, to have the gasket replaced.



What Does a Head Gasket Do?

The head gasket is a relatively simple part, but it plays an oversized role. It’s placed between the cylinder head and the engine block, and it’s designed to seal the cylinder heads to keep oil and coolant separate from each other and to keep exhaust gases where they belong. If the head gasket leaks or fails completely (a blown head gasket), the results can be catastrophic. Oil and coolant can mix together, lowering the effectiveness of both. In addition, the exhaust gases produced in the cylinders may not stay where they belong.

What Are the Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

A blown head gasket is not easy to miss. There are several noticeable symptoms. For one thing, the engine will almost certainly overheat. Though there are other causes of an overheating engine, a blown head gasket will also result in engine oil that looks milky, frothy, or even sludgy. A blown head gasket is noticeable to nearly everyone else, too. When coolant and oil mix together and leak into the cylinder heads, the result is billowing white smoke exiting through your vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

Why Does Head Gasket Replacement Cost So Much?

Though the head gasket itself may be simple, the repair is anything but. To replace a head gasket, our technicians will have to take your engine apart. Once it’s been disassembled, it will need to be thoroughly inspected. After all, an overheating engine can cause the metal itself to warp and crack, so we’ll need to make sure that the blown gasket didn’t do additional damage. If everything is as it should be, our technicians will replace the destroyed gasket with an OEM Honda head gasket, ensuring continued quality. Finally, the engine gets put back together. This is a difficult process, and it takes a good amount of time.

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Rapids Honda Provides Quality Service to Andover, Ham Lake, and Beyond

When you have your Honda towed to Rapids Honda for head gasket replacement, you’ll be met with exceptional service and professionalism. We understand this is a difficult experience, which is why we’ll work with you every step of the way. See our exceptional service for yourself at Rapids Honda.


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