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Schedule Auto Service Online in Coon Rapids, MN

At Rapids Honda, we are always looking for new ways to increase service value for our customers. We know that the majority of our customers have busy lifestyles with little time for scheduling their vehicle’s maintenance or repair services. We wanted to help our customers add some more convenience to their busy life by establishing an online Honda Service Scheduling form that is always available at any time. To use the online service scheduling form, you will need your vehicle’s basic information, the services that your vehicle needs, and a preferred service appointment date and time. We proudly provide world-class Honda maintenance and repair services for all Honda models from Coon Rapids, Anoka, Andover, Brooklyn Park, and Ham Lake, MN.



How to Schedule Service

At Rapids Honda, we set up our online service scheduling portal for maximum convenience. If you have gathered your vehicle’s information, the online service scheduling process is easy. First-time users will begin by collecting their vehicle’s information, including the make, model, year, trim, engine type, and mileage. If you’ve used the portal before, simply log in as the database stores your login and vehicle information after first-time use. Once you have logged in or submitted your vehicle’s information, you will then choose the service that your vehicle needs, either maintenance packages or individual services. Once you have selected your services, you will then choose an available appointment date and time from the calendar. Once you have chosen your appointment time, you will then input your personal contact information and review the final service appointment detail. If everything looks good, you will confirm your appointment and wait for us to give you a call as soon as possible.

  1. Collect your vehicle’s information (for first-time users)
  2. Sign in (previous users) or set up your account (first-time users)
  3. Input your vehicle’s information
  4. Choose the service needed
  5. Choose an appointment date and time
  6. Input and submit personal contact information
  7. Review final appointment detail and submit
  8. Wait on us to call you back as soon as possible