An Epic Battle Of SUV’s – Comparing The 2019 Honda Pilot in Coon Rapids

August 28th, 2019 by

The 2019 Honda Pilot in Coon Rapids versus the Nissan Pathfinder is sure to be an excellent comparison for today’s blog topic. Both vehicles offer prospective owners plenty of room for the family and interior and exterior amenities to make it stand out. But there are significant differences between these two SUV’s, and we’re here to uncover the truth. 


Other than having a high MPG, there are other features to consider when looking at a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The Pilot has an engine control system that can shut down half of its cylinders to improve fuel economy,  and the engine can automatically turn off when the vehicle is stopped (Touring and Elite models). Once you’re ready to go, the engine will automatically restart, so you don’t miss a beat. To reduce pollution, the Pilot comes with a standard cap-less fueling system that automatically opens and closes when fueling. This removes the need to mess with a gas cap while reducing fuel evaporation. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer an engine that can shut down half of its cylinders, or automatically turn on and off. It also doesn’t have a cap-less fueling system, so it’s not as ecofriendly. 


It’s one thing to have automatic headlights that turn on at dusk and off after dawn (which the Pilot does), but there are more features to be aware of that are missing on the Pathfinder. If you forget that your high beams are on in the Pilot, the sensitive light sensors can detect other vehicles on the road, and will automatically switch to low beams. On the Elite model, there are automatic dimming rear, and side-view mirrors to prevent any following vehicles from blinding you with their bright lights. Now the Pathfinder does have an automatic dimming rearview mirror…but the side mirrors don’t dim…


Moving on to the interior, you’ll find it’s easy to fit the whole family because the Pilot has seating for eight, while the Pathfinder can only carry seven. Not only does it have an extra seat, but this Honda also has 12.5 more inches of room throughout the cabin so your passengers will never feel cramped. For a little touch of luxury, the Pilot features leather seating and multiple seat configurations to offer unlimited comfort. Those who sit in the second row will enjoy first-class treatment because of the plush 2nd-row captain’s chairs. If you do find yourself filling up the third row, accessing it will be a breeze because, with the push of a button, the 2nd-row seats will slide out of the way for your passengers. So everyone can take in the views, there’s a large panoramic roof for those in the second and third rows. And if they want fresh air, the one-touch power moonroof will come in handy along with the sliding shade to control how much sunlight comes in. 


Have you decided which SUV is the right one for you? If you agree that it’s the 2019 Honda Pilot in Coon Rapids, then visit us at Rapids Honda for a test-drive! Our sales staff is ready and waiting to help assist you with any worries or questions. 


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