Better For Your Family – The 2020 Honda Odyssey in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

October 4th, 2019 by

The 2020 Honda Odyssey in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is known as the ultimate family minivan for a reason. With spacious seating for the whole family, driver-assistive technologies, and top-notch safety features. You’ve heard us brag about this Honda before, but we haven’t compared it to the Chrysler Pacifica, until today.

Safety and Warranties Go Farther with Honda

You’ll be shocked to learn that the standard safety features found on the Odyssey are not so standard on the Pacifica. Because when it comes to safety, every vehicle on the road should be well equipped to handle anything, right? Well, with the Odyssey, you’ll have a standard Whiplash Mitigation Front Seat Design that helps prevent neck and spine injuries if the minivan is rear-ended. It does this by moving the headrest forward, so your head doesn’t whip back against the seat. Another key feature of safety is a vehicle warranty, as it ensures the quality of your vehicle lasts. With the Odyssey, it’s five-year corrosion warranty doesn’t have a mileage limitation, but the Pacifica’s runs out after 100,000 miles. 

Power To Travel More

Under the Odyssey’s hood, you’ll find a 10-speed automatic transmission to provide better acceleration than the Pacifica, making those quick trips around town with the faster. Once you’re on the road, the Odyssey’s engine control system will further improve its fuel efficiency by shutting down half of the engine’s cylinders. Aside from having a powerful and efficient transmission, this minivan also has a larger fuel capacity (19.5 vs. 16.5 gallons) than the Pacifica Hybrid model so that you can travel farther than ever before.

Functional Design for Every Drive 

While safety features and transmission information is critical when researching your next vehicle, it’s essential not to overlook the smaller things that have a significant impact on your driving experience. The Odyssey, for example, has front power windows that entirely operate with a single touch of the switches. So when you’re pulling out of the drive-through, you won’t have to hold down the switch when the window is rolled up. To keep everyone charged up and ready to go, the Odyssey Elite model has a wireless phone charging system located in the center console. Gone are the days of having tangled wires, unless you drive the Pacifica since it doesn’t offer personal wireless charging. 

With other incredible features like a rear entertainment system, Honda Sensing® Suite, and adaptable seating configurations, the 2020 Honda Odyssey would make the perfect companion for any family.

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