An Upgrade for You and the Environment – Comparing the 2020 Honda CR-V in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

February 29th, 2020 by

If it’s time to upgrade your compact SUV to something better for you and the environment, then turn your attention to the 2020 Honda CR-V in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We know that bragging about this new Honda isn’t enough to convince anyone, which is why we’re also comparing it to the Toyota Rav4 in today’s article, so you can ultimately decide for yourself if the CR-V is perfect for you.

What’s Under the Hood

When you look into the power and construction of the CR-V, you’ll find certain features that amplify your daily drive. In comparison to the Rav4, this Honda has proven to be faster, more environmentally friendly, and efficient in terms of performance. In the chart below, you can see the results of a test conducted by Motor Trend, in which the CR-V and Rav4 compared their acceleration capabilities:


  CR-V Rav4
Zero to 60 MPH 7.5 sec 8.8 sec
Quarter Mile 15.8 sec 16.8 sec
Speed in 1/4 Mile 89 MPH 83.8 MPH


Looking into the environmentally friendly aspect of the CR-V, we’re highlighting its capless fueling system and continuously variable transmission (CVT). Without a gas cap, this Honda can reduce fuel evaporation that causes pollution, while the CVT keeps the engine at its most efficient speed for a better fuel economy. The Rav4 doesn’t offer a capless system or CVT, so it won’t be as efficient for the environment.

Driving Comforts

Besides having typical interior comforts like leather seats and a climate control system, other features go into making your drive less stressful on your mind and body. With the CR-V, you can enjoy a more quiet interior than the Rav4 due to the computer-generated active noise cancellation technology. This system removes annoying vibrations from the passenger compartment, but the Rav4 does not. You can also enjoy more passenger and cargo room in the CR-V, with 105.9 cubic feet of volume (vs. 98.9 cu.ft.) for friends and family, and 39.2 cubic feet with the rear seat up for all of their gear. This SUV also comes in handy if you need to load up the back, because, with a simple press of the switch, the rear seats will automatically lower into the floor, expanding the cargo capacity to 75.8 (vs. 69.8) cubic feet.

We only listed a few reasons why the 2020 Honda CR-V in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is better than the Toyota Rav4 because we want you to experience it for yourself. So visit us at Rapids Honda this weekend for a test-drive, or you can check out our inventory here for more information.


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