Less Isn’t Always More – The 2019 Honda Accord in Coon Rapids

August 16th, 2019 by

Simplicity isn’t always a good thing, especially when it comes to vehicles. The more features a car has, the better driving experience you as an owner will have, so why would you settle for a model will fewer standard features. For today’s topic, we will dive into what makes the 2019 Honda Accord in Coon Rapids a better choice over the Chevrolet Malibu.


More Safety Features Than Imaginable

There’s more to a vehicles safety features than just a few airbags, but if you are going to focus on that, then make sure they’re smart airbags. Unlike the Malibu, the Accord hosts smart airbags that are capable of deploying at different levels of force. This is possible due to the speed and seat sensors in the Honda, and if a child is leaning against the door, the side airbags will shut off completely. If you need more than just adjustable airbags, the Accord also has height-adjustable front seatbelts and a driver alert monitoring system. The adjustable seatbelts ensure a better fit for passengers of all sizes while the monitoring system ensures you won’t mentally drift off while driving. The Malibu doesn’t offer a driver alert system or adjustable seat belts, so the Chevy’s safety features fall a little short. 


Get A Grip Under Any Condition

We couldn’t compare the Honda Accord without mentioning its incredible suspension system because other brands can’t amount to its abilities! In the Accord, you’ll be able to choose between an extra supple ride for those daunting trips or sport setting for maximum control, because it offers a driver-adjustable suspension system. To further help with road conditions, the Accord’s drift compensation steering helps prevent the vehicle from drifting side to side under certain road conditions. As icing on the cake, the Accord has speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering for better control during cornering, highway speeds, and low-effort parking. Overall, if you’re more focused on the ride experience, the Accord is the way to go since the Malibu doesn’t offer any of these suspension and handling features. 


More Spacious and Secure

Moving on to the interior, you’ll experience incredible passenger and cargo room. Compared to the Malibu, the Accord has 2.7 cubic feet more passenger volume, and a much larger trunk of 16.7 cubic feet (vs. 15.7). The construction of the Accord also helps with loading and unloading because it has a low lift-over trunk design, and is only 26.5 inches high (vs. 30.5 inches). To keep your mind at ease, the Accord’s sedan body style, locking rear seatbacks, and valet key ensure your cargo is secure, while a locking glovebox keeps any small valuables safe. The Malibu doesn’t offer these extra security measures, so be sure not to keep any valuables in the Chevy.


Now that you know the standard features found on the 2019 Honda Accord in Coon Rapids, aren’t so standard for other competitors, where does your loyalty lie? If you need more convincing that Honda is the best, feel free to visit us this weekend for a test-drive at Rapids Honda! We know you’ll have a blast discovering more incredible features, and look forward to seeing you!


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